How to remove boat registration stickers

Looking to remove boat registration stickers to replace them? First off, consider if you’re replacing with the same numbers or not. If you are (the registration generally remains with the boat) you will want to take a photograph of the stickers before you remove them.

Your boat’s hull may have faded since the stickers were on, and you will see a different hull color under the sticker. Matching the sticker font shouldn’t be a problem, but the spacing may not be exact. Here’s what professionals such as Boat Registration recommend:

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The boat registration sticker removal process:

The longer the stickers have been on, the more they are ‘stuck’ to the boat. Use a hair dryer on low to warm up the sticker for easier peeling and less cracking and tearing. Go slowly. Once the sticker is off, use a little acetone or glass cleaner to remove any sticky residue. If you need to remove sticky stuff, you can use Goo Gone, or even diluted lemon essential oil (do not use straight lemon oil). Rinse the boat after you’ve removed the stickers.

Preparing your boat for NEW sticker application is pretty easy – a little more complicated if your hull has a shadow where the old sticker was. Use the WET method (under Installation Instructions here), not the dry method, as you’ll be able to reposition the sticker over the old spot. You’ll want to line up the prefix code with your old prefix (e.g. MC for Michigan or MI for Mississippi) to align your sticker.

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