How to buy boat registration decals


How to buy boat registration decals, including where to install them on your boat once you have them

Buying boat registration decals is easy! You have several choices.

First, make sure your boat is registered with your state – usually this is the Secretary of State, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Fish & Wildlife organization. They will give you a yearly registration sticker and YOU as the boat owner, are legally responsible for installing your boat registration decals. From there, you could go to the hardware or boat store and buy individual numbers, or you can order a custom sticker in one 10 fonts and colors of boat registration decals to apply to your boat.

Once you get your one-sheet pair of boat registration decals, you can apply them using our easy to follow YouTube video linked here:

Once you have your boat registration decals in place, you do not need to remove them. In fact, if you sell your boat you sell the registration to the new owner (and unless you buy a brand new or unregistered boat, you do not need to add new boat registration decals to your boat!

Boat registration decals come as a SET, one for each side of your boat. You can order boat registration decals here.

We are a small business operating in Michigan, and we’ve been doing these for more than 12 years! We know what the standards are for every state- because we produce boat registration decals for every state!.

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